We opened our doors in 2012 after breaking away as the painting specialists of one of the most prominent building contractors in the Boland. We wanted to focus specifically on delivering a refreshingly superior painting service and feed our passion for transforming neglected, or even seemingly average buildings, into beautiful investments for our clients.

After a highly successful year, we officially registered Expressions Painting Contractors as a company in 2013.

We have experienced solid growth across all services that we offer and enjoy repeat business and referrals from each one of the clients that we have served.

We believe that our ability to really understand our clients and their needs, our attention to detail, skill level, impeccable work standards and consistent quality will continue to set us apart in the painting contractor market and ensure our ongoing success.

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Every member of our team takes pride in each painting project and this passion and commitment shows in the quality of our workmanship and the way in which our client’s premises are maintained.

With dedicated teams who, based on their particular skills, are specifically assigned to residential, commercial or industrial painting projects, you are assured of a premium quality painting service, suited to your exact needs.


Deon Albertyn - Partner and Manager

He’s not only worked as a commercial pilot, but also has diverse experience in business management in both the building and automotive industries. For Deon, running his own business in the commercial painting industry, provides him with a creative outlet and lets him exercise his incredible attention to detail. He loves witnessing visual transformations, so seeing how any building – inside or out – is transformed into something with pristine, perfect appeal, motivates him to keep delivering premium-quality painting projects to clients every time. In his spare time, you will find Deon, a Mercedes Benz enthusiast, agonizing over every detail as he personally restores his latest beauty. 

Shiloh Wessels - Partner and Manager

An exceptionally creative individual with a passion for renovations and a paint technique extraordinaire, Shiloh has flipped numerous homes, restored and renovated furniture, managed a luxury furniture production line and worked within the building industry – all within the ambit of a brush and paint. His knowledge of paint techniques, finishes and applications is truly exceptional and this translates to an unrivalled standard of service when it comes to his business. A true people’s person, Shiloh thrives on working closely with our clients every day, while motivating our painting teams to be their very best.


A colourful blend of personalities and experience, our painting team has the skills to tackle every project, in any environment. From quiet individuals who are passionate about fine detailing, to our more vibrant characters who can work seamlessly with other contractors, we personally match each team to suit your specific project.

We employ painters on a permanent basis and would trust any member of our team in our own home. We provide them with ongoing skills development and monitor performance daily which ensures that our people remain dedicated and committed to maintaining the incredibly high quality standards we’ve set for Expressions Painting Contractors.


Although Expressions Painting Contractors has a Level 4 BEE rating, we see empowerment as more than just doing what the government requires. We believe that empowerment and upliftment are actual values that should become a practical part of your company culture.

Our team of painters does not consist of street-side casuals. We employ skilled and semi-skilled painters based on their interest in this specialised field. Our team members receive ongoing skills development which enables them to be their personal best, and where suitable, move up within the company or even specialise as a leader within a specific area or technique.

We are in the process of initiating numerous key projects which are aimed at supporting the communities in which our teams live, providing them with the opportunity to actively participate in community upliftment initiatives of which they can be proud.