We know that décor plays a decisive role in the message that a business sends out to its employees and customers, while there are practical considerations that impact different industries when it comes to the coatings and paint finishes they’re allowed to use.

Whether your commercial property is an office, retail space or a specialised location such as a wine farm, heritage building or school – we are able to help you with one-off painting services or provide on-going maintenance.

For wine cellars and other agricultural applications, we use only Thales Institute approved paints and coating products. In line with commercial health and safety standards, we’re also able to decontaminate cement and provide multi-testing prior to, during and after paint application to ensure your painted surfaces comply with all your industry standards.

Why use our Commercial Painting Services?
  • BIBC, MBA and FEM Members: We ensure that not only are our staff members well taken care of, but that our clients are protected against any workman’s compensation claims.
  • Reliable, Timely Service: We respect your time and ensure our work is completed on schedule and within budget.
  • Industry Approved Paints and Coatings: Our knowledge of your industry means that we’re able to select the correct paints and application techniques for your needs.
  • Qualified, Professional Teams: We select specific teams to suit every project based on their skills and suitability to your project.