Painting your home, whether inside or out, should really be an investment in your property every single time and should at the very least, retain the value of your property while creating a living space that you can enjoy.

Achieving this means never cutting corners and ensuring thorough preparations before any painting work begins. By identifying and dealing with underlying building maintenance issues, and then using the best quality materials and techniques to address all concerns, as well as the painting project itself, you can be assured of a lasting result and the best possible use of your money.

Our painting services begin with the assessment of your residence and what specifically you would like to have painted. Maintenance issues such as damp, plaster cracks and so forth are identified, and all repairs to do with surfacing are quoted on, along with our painting service.

Why use our Residential Painting Services?
  • Hand-picked painters: We assign specific individuals to your project who understand what it means to be neat, unobtrusive and professional.
  • Mess-free service: We won’t damage your belongings or your garden because we are careful, neat and tidy and have the equipment to prevent damage, spills and stains.
  • Premium, Eco-friendly Paint: We use the highest quality paints and paint products available which are also environmentally friendly.
  • BIBC, MBA and FEM Members: We ensure that not only are our staff members well taken care of, but that our clients are protected against any workman’s compensation claims.